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sorry guys the internet wasn’t letting me post last night… Don’t worry there is still a workout today 🙂

warm up-

Burgener warm up;

3rds of :

10 PVC overhead squats

10 snatch balance

10 solts press



snatch complex

3 position snatch deadlift

hang snatch

if snatch was caught in squat, 1 overhead squat, if caught in power 2 overhead squats

work up to moderate weight then do



8 min AMRAP

10 wall balls

10 squat thrusts

5/5 reverse lunge with wall ball


Warm up-

kb 3 position carry x2; 15 ring rows; 1:00 min plank hold; 10-15 HR push ups



3×5 floor press

superset with

one arm KB row 6/6




400m run

10 handstand push-ups

20 pullups

30 Kettlebell swings 53/35

40 Hollow Rocks

50 burpees

400m run



Warm up-

Wall squat stretch- 1 min; wall split stretch; 1min; 15 air squats;


20 mins to Establish 1 RM Back squat



EMOM 8 mins

ODD: 3 squats 50% of squat weight

EVEN: 3/3 Lunge jumps

5 Slider hip curls


warm up-

75 ii Unders; 15 KB swings; 10 Bar thrusters; 10 bar kips; 20/20/20 BPAs


Skill work/

KB clean and press & KB snatch


7/7 KB Snatches (Alt Hands)
14 Step-Down Box Jumps 24/20
7/7 KB  Snatches
14 Step-Down Box Jumps 24/20
5 Muscle-Ups ( 3:1 pull ups/ dips)
3/3 KB Snatches(Heavier then first round)
6 Step-Down Box Jumps 24/20
3/3 KB Snatches
6 Step-Down Box Jumps 30/24″
10 Muscle-Ups ( 3:1 Pull ups/ dips)

* break up pull ups/ dips any way you want but must finish all before moving on

CONGRATS to Rich Froning Jr. on his 4th consecutive CrossFit Games win and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on her first win!



Warm up

10 reverse hand push ups; 20 ring rows ; crab walk x2;  banded wrist stretch ;

quick review of clean

15-20 mins to find 1 rm max clean




MB carry to wall

400 m run

farmer carry to wall (53/35)

400 m run

over head carry to wall( 45/25)

400 m run

* weights are left inside; go out back door for the wall and garage door for the run


Everyone that did the workout yesterday CONGRATS ! you guys are awesome! That workout was hard! And you all crushed it.


as a reward…….


Snatch skill work



cash in: 60 double unders



burpee box step overs

Cash out: 60 double unders


extra time you can work on any Goat

Goat – Your goat is a specific exercise or WOD that you hate to do and you suck at. We don’t know where the term originated from, but we do know that everyone has one! CrossFit philosophy gets us to address our weaknesses, face our goats, and work to improve those area(s) that we suck at the most.





Mystery workout




Warm Up

10 PVC Overhead squats; jog / backpedal; skip/backward skip; bear crawl/ crab walk ; cartwheels ( right hand lead/ left hand lead)

whole warm up 2 times



15 mins

work on HSPU

use boxes/ abmats to help

* if able to get HSPU work on deficit

review of straight bar deadlifts



4 rounds

1:00 break inbetween each round

4 rounds of:

10/10 Shoulder Touches
15 Deadlift 135/95lb

10 shoulder to Overhead 135/95



Warm up-

3 wall runs; couch stretch; gargoyle stretch; Leg swings ( forward/backwards 15; side to side 15)


25 mins to find 5 rep max Back squat

** after each set must do 2 high box jumps



4 Rounds for quality

10 Barbell lunges


5/5 lateral Step ups

10 Back extensions ( weight can be added if needed)





Death by Pull ups :

( min 1- 1 pullup, min 2- 2 pull ups, etc.. Until fail) * least resistance band possible

once failed continue to go with ring rows until everyone else has finished

max weighted push up




20 HR push ups

20 grasshoppers

20 DB slams

20 squat thrusts

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